Business Card Design for a Hair and Makeup Artist

An identity illustration and business card I created for my friend and hairdresser, who expressed a need for a graphic identity that would allow her to market herself across a multitude of industries that employ hair and makeup artists on a freelance basis. The font she instructed that I use was from a free site and did not include punctuation or numbers, nor did it read well in small format, so after setting the type and converting to vector outlines, I altered several of the characters to make them more legible, and used another free font that was different enough but had the same feel of the one she chose in order to include her phone contact.

The illustration (part vector-part rastor halftone) I created interacts with the type (rather than another illustration of a model) in a way that represents what she does without conveying any specific skin tone, hair type, or generally any particular "look" to potential clients, allowing a wider range of demographic appeal. It also serves as a separation between her name and contact information, and yields a healthy negative space that allows her plenty of room to write additional information (ie: appointment times) without immediately resorting to the back of the card.

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