I got the idea to do these posters from a t-shirt my Grandmother was wearing in an old photograph that featured 4 architectural landmarks in South City of Saint Louis which are all pretty obscure and specific to the South City neighborhood they embody or represent. I liked the idea that in order to "get it" you needed some "locals only" insider information, because the only information the t-shirt offered in addition to these line drawings of these buildings was "I'm from South St. Louis" so I just lifted the entire concept to make these posters because I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted this t-shirt even though it didn't exist anymore. Despite having taken a summer class on St Louis Architecture, and consulting my mother and all her siblings, I was only able to identify three out of the four of the buildings, so I added the Lemp Mansion (which is apparently haunted and operates as a restaurant & inn, and is the last poster below in the set) as my fourth and missing South St. Louis landmark. I employed a unique illustration technique I'd developed to represent the architectural beauties, and dropped the simple vector of the text I'd borrowed from the shirt over the scanned image, where you can see the finished posters below, starting with the image that inspired the project.
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