This project involved taking a group of a large group of similar objects with a common thread and photographing them and arranging them in a poster. I gathered a few of the objects from my apartment and all the others with the help of my friends' apartments, their vintage stores, a record store, and wherever I knew to ask that would trust me to return their rad clear objects. My good friend Ann K. Hubbard lent her photography skills, equipment, and guidance, as I art directed and styled the objects before we shot each of them on my light tracing table on her photography studio's kitchen counter, so all objects are backlit. After I made the necessary image adjustments and editing, I arranged them together for the poster we see here. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
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Some of the original photographs were quite beautiful, as were some screen shots I took while in the process of editing the original photo files. Most of the color effects (aside from the obvious quick mask red) were achieved through the lighting that Ann and I set up for the shoot. We were able to manipulate her DSLR's light meter to catch moments where it read colors in the shifts in the artificial light that weren't necessarily read by the our eyes.